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Nicholas Paufler writes,

>I wonder what conditions would be neccessary for the Gundam to actually
>reach 160km/h and how long it could be sustained for....

  I'd figure this includes a lot of rocket-assisted jumping (like in the
first episode of 0083). Otherwise I can't believe it would be so close to
the Dom's hover speed, or that it would be that much faster than a GM or

Hobbitmastr writes,

>As I recall though, as Gato and his men were heading for the recovery ship,
>Gato managed to keep up with the Zeon MS when they were using their hover
>systems. Considering they were in kind of a hurry to get away from Burning
>and the gang, wouldn't the Zeon MS being moving close to top speed?

  Since the GP02 is the only one of the pack that isn't hover-capable,
presumably the Xamel and Dom Tropens are idling along so that they don't
leave Gato behind. The GP02A is probably moving at close to _its_ top
speed, though.

-- Mark

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