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Brett Jensen wrote:

> Peter Carranza wrote:
> > What does Harmony Old do nowadays?
> Use it's lawyers to prevent a small toy company from bringing Macross Plus toys to the US
> and generally be A-holes.

Oh come on. Bandai (or Tatsunoko, I cant remember who it was originally) was stupid enough to
grant HG the license for Macross and all Macross-related products in the US in perpetuity. HG
is simply defending its rights.

Yes, HG has basically sat on its ass for 10-odd years. However, the fact that they're using
their legal rights on Macross products now should tell you something. When they werent doing
anything, they didnt oppose Macross Plus or Macross II from being released here. Now, they're
up to something. For instance, they've started up a new website,,
with the theme of 'The best is yet to come.' Does that tell you something.

Also, take this recent snipit from HG from a recent exchange:

"We're not scared about them taking business away from Robotech. If we were, we wouldn't have
given Animeigo the license to do Macross DVD's. There's plenty of room for Macross and
Robotech in the US. The Macross Plus YF-19's are being help up because Harmony Gold has the
exclusive rights to license Macross stuff outside of Japan. When someone else sells Macross
stuff outside of Japan, that's infringing on HG's rights, which they paid a lot of money for.

I know it sucks right now, but we're hammering out a deal with Big West right now to bring
much more than just YF-19's into the US. If everything works out, pretty soon Harmony Gold
will be very happy, Big West will be very happy, and Macross fans will be very happy."

    Neil Baumgardner

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