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> I bought 2 MG kits off of Ebay about 2 months ago. The Ebay user ID was
> y2kanimation. Both of the kits lacked the bandai quality feel. I have 2 PG
> kits and about 6 other MG kits and these 2 new ones were definatly
> diffferent. Extra material on some of the parts and poor fit of some
> It was the ZZ and FAZZ Gundam kits BTW. I checked the boxes against my
> kits and they were identical, same bandai logo, same full color box art,
> same type on instructions. I don't know how we are supposed to be able to
> tell these Chinese ones apart from the others.

    As far as I can remember, even HK official kits have the same Japanese
characters on the cover and sides - the only difference is the sticker on
it. The one I saw is a kinda small silver sticker on the box that said it's
an official licensed HK model. If you saw anything other than Japanese on
the cover (with a few English words here and there, like AEUG), it's
probably a recast. Judging from the recast I got a few years back, its
quality is definitely not as good as the official ones. Another good rule is
NEVER buy an "unopened" model kit from Ebay or auction site unless you know
it's from a store or someone you trust - there aren't that many people that
sell unopened models at EBay and stuff, unlike finished kit. Also, the newer
MG's quality is a bit different than the really old MG, like the original
RX-78 Gundam, so don't be surprised if they look that different...

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