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Thu, 07 Dec 2000 21:27:53 -0600

It's about time, I mean, running Wing four times in a row is a bit much.

---Brett Jensen

Chris Maier wrote:

> Gundam Wing is going to be taken off the air December 12 and will be
> replaced with Batman. Dragonball Z's "Cell Saga" will probably wrap up at
> around the same time, so Toonami will probably be in constant reruns until
> Outlaw Star or the original Gundam. Gundam Wing will be replaced by Batman,
> effectively making it a back-to-back Superhero hour. Yay.(Can't they get
> something like Transformers on instead? I think people are getting sick of
> Batman, honestly...I know it's more mature than your average American 'toon,
> but still...)
> Endless Waltz will air December 22nd, though.
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