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"M. R. Hannibal" wrote:

> 1) Ikari Shinji in Jinzoningen Evangelion Unit 00 vs. Char Aznable in the Sazabi

Assuming you ban the AT field, in order to make the fight even remotely fair, Char would
win due to superior piloting, weapons, mobility, and the fact that he's not a whiny loser

> 2) Johnny Ridden in a Gelgoog Marine vs. Shin Matsunaga in a Rick Dom II
> ( ace fight...)

Ridden. For one thing, my experience with girens Greed would indicate that Ridden is a
better pilot. For another, I think the Gelgoog marine is a very nice suit, especially if
he get's Cima's beam machinegun. Of course a white Rick Dom II would look awesome. ^_^

> 3) Ranba Ral in a Gouf Custom vs. Norris Packard in a Zaku FZ

Hmmmm.... too close to call. I'd probably say the Gouf would win just because of that
monster Gattling gun. The FZ is a nimble machine though, but it only has the 90mm MG.

> 4) Soryu Asuka Langley in the Tallgeese III vs. Amuro Rei in the Nu Gundam

Duh. While Asuka sits in the cockpit, Thinking in German, wondering why she's not
synchronizing with the Tallgeese III, Amuro will peg her with one shot from the beam
rifle. (Why even bother with funnels)

> 5) Kou Uraki in the GP03 vs. Shiro Amada in the Gundam Alex

Bye bye, Shiro.

> 6) Amuro Rei in the Nu Gundam vs. Camille Vidan in the Zeta Gundam

Hmmmm... I think amuro could win because of his experience, and because of the Funnels.
But Camille+Zeta is very formidable, It's probably too close to call.

---Brett Jensen

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