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Sounds okay although i'm not too hot on changing some things (such as who's
parents are who).

Abet's idea of "Kou in 0087" is an interestring proposition as it doesn't
really interfere that much with given facts and can easily be inserted into
what we know has transversed in Z Gundam, and Kou can get a chance to prove
himself too. Additions to this scenario could be, Anaheim rebuilding one of
the Gundams in fr. 0083, probably the GP03S since it wasn't that badly
thrashed (if i can recall the OVA correctly). This would make things more
interesting with the appearance of a "non-existent" gundam would severely
dent the reputation of the Feds. It would be interesting what they would do
to try to cover it up. Meanwhile, Anaheim is putting itself at risk since
the GP03 (or whatever Gundam) is Anaheim made and the Feds might try to use
this as an excuse to attack Anaheim and probably take over (i think the term
is sequester) the company, and bring it under Fed Gov't control.

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>What about this alternate OYW scenario. Char, not knowing that, >is the son
>of Degin Zabi but he goes on hating him. Seyla, for some >circumstances,
>becomes the pilot of Gundam to defend Side 7's population and >she doesn't
>know that Char, born from the same mother, is her brother. The >only one
>knowing that they are relatives us a young and frightened by >the
>them war boy, Amuro. Amuro, lost his parents, knows Seyla and >she falls in
>love with him, but he, to avoid the deadly fighting between her >and Char
>puts his weak suit, a Ball one, between their suits and dies >not revealing
>their birth's secret. Secret revealed just a little time before >to Lalah
>Soon and this one, during the last fighting between Gundam and >Char's suit
>makes Char following her just to tell him that he is Degin's >son and Sayla
>is his sister. Then, to avoid this secret could be spread he >kills Lalah
>takes her new type's powers, goes killing Kishiria, always >treating him as
>puppet and takes the inheritance of Zabi, making a momentary >peace with
>Federation, just to avoid other battles with his real sister, >and begins
>organizing the Neo Zion's structure.
>It has chabnged just the role of the characters, but it looks >me quite
>interesting, as we see there are many heroines in animation >series of

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>> Anyway, if its an alternate scenario, I dreamed up one with >Kou joining
>Kalaba. I mean, Kou hates the Feds now (after the Fiasco) and >his lover
>should have gotten lucky by now) has connections with Anaheim (AEUG's
>financer) so it could work. Lets see, Kou fights on Earth, and >he gets to
>meet Amuro and other Earth AEUG people, he gets to fight in >Kilimanjaro,
>wait a minute! These Titans he's fighting... they're the old >Albion Crew!!
>Oh the humanity!
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