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>>cool, as long as you can easily distinguish bootleg from the >real thing,
>>fine with me. I don't want to mistakingly buy a bootleg >especially at
>>price of the real thing.

What other things can be used to distinguish bootleg kits from original
Bandai kits?

>Well, that was just that one design from that one company. I >don't know
>if there are other companies making identical copies of other >MG kits.

>There are a lot of MG kits of the same designs being dumped on >eBay,
>it kind of concerns me... does that mean these are MG >bootlegs? Or that
>some Bandai-sanctioned MG kits are being cranked out in China >now as well?

>>is the quality of the bootlegs good? or they are as bad as >>those Bendi

Is it true that Bendi kits wont take well to painting with certain paints?
Someone (a friend) told me that the get brittle and even melt.

>I wasn't about to waste my hard-earned money to find out. :) >Maybe I
>when I buy some as gifts for the snob friends, but then again >they look
>down on MG kits to start with, hehehehehe.

Huh? Why?


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