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Let's take Gundam's High Grade, Master Grade, Perfect Grade, Action Figures
and Soul of Chogokin, considering just this last one (Soul of Chogokin), and
considering quality, the look, the resistance, the weight and so on, which
mark would it occupy? How to say, I'd like a PG model kit (RX 78 Gundam,
Green Zaku and Red Zaku) but first of all I can't build them and then their
cost is really high . Then, having seen the "Grendizer" (do you know what I
am speaking about?) soul of chogokin, I have found it was the eighth wonder
of the Earth (it's a joke, of course; anyway it was terrific). So I was
wondering how the Gundam OYW soul of Chogokin are when compared to the
counterparts model kits (I don't want to say the PG ones, but what about the
MG and HG ones).
Waiting for a your answer.

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