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Fri, 8 Dec 2000 01:22:52 -0800

>On Fri, 8 Dec 2000 01:12:18 -0800, gundam@aeug.org wrote:
>> There are probably lots of these on the streets of HK.
>just the steets? how about the legit model shops?

Depends on the store I suppose. But I bet many of them bow down to the
almighty buck. Didn't someone on the GML complain that eHobbyLand sold
him Bendi bootlegs? It'd be pretty sad if the seller can't tell the
difference himself.

>> If they came off the plants of Bendi and friends, I wouldn't touch them.
>so with no original kit to compare with, how do I know which is which?

That's the big dilemma Richie and I were discussing. Us freaks who bought
new kits upon release know what they should look and feel like, but people
who don't have this kind of exposure are screwed when they are looking to
buy kits later.

>> Many of the recent HGs were made in China too, including G-Unit.
>> to a friend who's in the business, Bandai HK got enough clout over the
>> and started to demand Bandai of Japan to let them produce Gundam kits.
>> Bandai of Japan gave them "some" HG kits, but I don't have any details on
>> which HG kits they were other than Wing, EW, and G-Unit. My guess would
>> be G and X. Dunno about 08th MS Team and the others, though.
>hhhmmmm, could this explain the sudden supply of old kits?

You tell me... there are soooo many G, W, EW, and X kits on eBay now it's
not even funny. In fact there are a lot of MG kits now as well, and they
are all really new designs.

>> Hahahahaa, now I know what to get my snob friends for the holidays.
>> Eddie
>heheheheh, careful, a Bendi can make you more enemies than friends ^_^

LOL, good point!


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