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> There are probably lots of these on the streets of HK.

just the steets? how about the legit model shops?

> If they came off the plants of Bendi and friends, I wouldn't touch them.

so with no original kit to compare with, how do I know which is which?

> Many of the recent HGs were made in China too, including G-Unit.
> to a friend who's in the business, Bandai HK got enough clout over the
> and started to demand Bandai of Japan to let them produce Gundam kits.
> Bandai of Japan gave them "some" HG kits, but I don't have any details on
> which HG kits they were other than Wing, EW, and G-Unit. My guess would
> be G and X. Dunno about 08th MS Team and the others, though.

hhhmmmm, could this explain the sudden supply of old kits?

> Hahahahaa, now I know what to get my snob friends for the holidays.
> Eddie

heheheheh, careful, a Bendi can make you more enemies than friends ^_^

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