Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Fri, 8 Dec 2000 01:12:18 -0800

>no kidding... I better be careful then since I am in HK right now, I might
>end up with one of those

There are probably lots of these on the streets of HK.

>are they really bad?

If they came off the plants of Bendi and friends, I wouldn't touch them.

>hhhmmm, now I am thinking twice about it. are the GWing kits the only one
>that were made in China?

Many of the recent HGs were made in China too, including G-Unit. According
to a friend who's in the business, Bandai HK got enough clout over the years
and started to demand Bandai of Japan to let them produce Gundam kits.
Bandai of Japan gave them "some" HG kits, but I don't have any details on
which HG kits they were other than Wing, EW, and G-Unit. My guess would
be G and X. Dunno about 08th MS Team and the others, though.

>> A perfect gift for your friends who diss people that build MG/PG kits as
>> having "no skills". :)
>yup, heheheheheh. I always said that Bendi kits are perfect for those who
>want to scrathbuild. at least they can use the Bendi kit as a skeleton for
>their model, heheheheheh

Hahahahaa, now I know what to get my snob friends for the holidays.


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