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> We went over this thread a few months ago. Ask Richie Ramos, he should
> remember. These kits were supposedly made by Bandai Hong Kong, who
> "outsourced" HG kits to production facilities in China.

no kidding... I better be careful then since I am in HK right now, I might
end up with one of those

are they really bad?

> I am not sure about the details, but it seems like all the "Japan
> EW 1/100 kits currently in the U.S. market are made in China. I am not
> sure if the ones in U.S. box are made in China or Japan, since I haven't
> bought one yet (don't plan to since I already have several of each from
> the original production run).

hhhmmm, now I am thinking twice about it. are the GWing kits the only one
that were made in China?

> A perfect gift for your friends who diss people that build MG/PG kits as
> having "no skills". :)

yup, heheheheheh. I always said that Bendi kits are perfect for those who
want to scrathbuild. at least they can use the Bendi kit as a skeleton for
their model, heheheheheh

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