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Fri, 8 Dec 2000 00:51:30 -0800

>Eddie writes,
>>Looks like Bandai's canned their planned release of the Endless Waltz
>>action figures. No bid loss... the Wing figures sucked big time
> I wouldn't bet on it - just because Amazon won't be carrying it doesn't
>mean that it won't be produced. (Far as I know, Amazon's teamed up with
>Toys R Us for all the toy stuff, and TRS doesn't seem to be carrying the
>existing figures in any quantity anyway.)

TRU is where I got all my GW figures.

>Certainly Bandai America says
>they're coming out, and they've presumably been done for some time given
>how long the promo photos have been available...

The way the notice was worded - "We've recently learned from our supplier..."
makes it sound like the news came from Bandai, who supplies those figures
to TRU and Amazon.com, who is now operating TRU's online store.

> At any rate, I certainly hope they're still on for release. While the
>initial batch were a bit crude, I thought the most recent wave - the Wing
>Zero, Altron, Deathscythe Hell, and especially the two versions of the
>Leo - were great. (Especially all the moving flaps on the Wing Zero, the
>ridiculous articulation throughout the Altron, and the just plain awesome

You gotta call a spade a spade. The "Deluxe" figures were even worse than
the first wave. The Wing Zero has balance problems due to the heavy wings,
and the moving flaps were worthless since they don't stay pegged well
enough. One of the flaps/wings on mine fell off and when I tried to plug
it back it was a complete nightmare. Even after reassembly it was still
loose and unmovable, as it falls off upon the slightest tough.

I've replaced the Deluxe Altron Gundam figure twice already, the first one
had a very loose right leg that falls off the body when you try to pose it,
only to get a replacement that has the loose legs symptom on BOTH legs.
I money I spent on gas to replace them will soon be enough to buy another
one. And don't even get me started on how the beam blades on the dual
trident fall off with the slightest touch. Absolutely one of the worst
figure ever.

I haven't opened the D-Hell and the Leos out of utter disgust over the 2nd
wave figures. Even the Tallgeese II still had the booster problem that the
Tallgeese I had - one booster would open when you pull on the lever, while
the other side refuses to cooperate, and stays stuck on one side when you
try to close it. Oh yeah, ever tried to remove the Dober Gun after it was
clipped to the shoulder? Have fun trying. These problems make the Wing
Gundam's loose wings or the Sandrock's loose backpack pale by comparison.

These GW figures are just like the Spawn action figures, which look
pretty in blister pack, but God help you should you decide to take one out
of the package and play with it. At least the cheapo Star Wars action
figures don't have loose limbs that fall off at the first sign of combat
or accessories that refuse to part with the figure.

>Despite the lack of panel lines and extra hands, I prefer these
>latest ones to the recent MS In Action releases...
>-- Mark

The problem with GW figures are deeper than just surface panel linees and
(lack of) hand sets...


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