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> In case you didn't notice, this has already happened - the reissued 1/100
> HG Endless Waltz kits were made in China (even though the box still says
> "Made in Japan") and the best way to tell the difference is to put it
> next to a Japanese original that was issued a few years ago. The plastic
> in the Chinese version is more brittle and the white paler, not to
> the pilot figure's color was visibly different as well.

really? dang! and I was planning to get the 1/100 W0C (no money for the
PG, too bad for me)

are these for kits released in North America only or for all the re-issue of
EW kits?

> A true challenge to model masters, eh?

true, I know someone from my local mecha mailing list in the Philippines who
did a Bendi Hydra Gundam (from G-Unit). he did a pretty good job. but it's
like doing a lot of modifications just to get a kit right, to get it the way
its supposed to be.

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