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Ok I said I'd look at the Animerica Gundam Special more
intensely when I got home, well I looked, and here is what
I saw..

Overall I like this book, Benjamin Wright's history of the Giant
Robot industry with its focus on Gundam was right on, and will
make for a great reference for newcomers to Gundam, and old
fans that don't know some of Gundam's early 70's heritage.

Mark does a bang up job with each Gundam series, you get 2
good paragraphs synopsizing the series, another paragraph for
the production credits. (who did characters and mechanicals)
Another couple of paragraphs per series are dedicated to main
characters, mobiles suits, vehicles, factions, and other important

Based on just this much alone I'd buy it, while the descriptions
of each series aren't as lenghty as a cover story would be, the
amount of information on EVERY series is enough to make it
worthwile. Its kind of nice to know which series Katoki worked
on, and who did the characters and what not.

There is a handy timeline on the left side of many story sections
to tell you when the story takes place, and the Faction symbols
Mark mentioned are in every series to let you know who's fighting

There are sections on comics, models, games, and goods available
as both import and domestic merchandise. These sections are great
if you are looking for information on the various gundam models,
I never knew there 'was' a Leo model, and the comics and video
games section covers or at least mentions every Gundam title ever

Mark and Benjamin cover more serious topics in greater detail
with essays on Newtypes, Colonies, and Mobile Suits. Ben's
write ups of old shcool Gundam and the 1993 break away to
newer stories help you see where Gundam came from, and where
they tried, slowly at first, to take it.

In the end will this one book replace all my Animag/Animerica
Mecha Press and Protoculture Addicts, no, but as one English
language book that covers all the stories and universes, its like
the Hitchiker's Guide to Gundam. Get one for your back pocket

Truth is I need about fifty of these to hand out to my local shop
dealers who don't know Gundam, especially the guy who tried
to tell me the green squares on the GM Quell were force field
generators to protect you in laserbeam combat.


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