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<Zeta Gundam spoilers>

Titans made 3 Mk-IIs as prototypes (thus making the "prototype Mk-II"
from Giren's Greed kind of an oxymoron...) and they were all colored black,
not blue (the first episode was titled BLACK Gundam, not Blue Gundam).
They were all of the same color, until AEUG repainted the captured Mk-II
as white.

While AEUG captured 2 of the 3, they did end up with all 3 units after
Emma Sheen defects, who arrived at AEUG in the last Mk-II Titans had.


>IIRC #1 & #3 were the ones captured by AEUG. Did these vary in coloration?
>gundam@aeug.org wrote:
>> Wow, what a minute. Maybe they mean the number, instead of the color? The
>>Titans Mk. II's have either a 01, 02 or 03 on the shoulder. Maybe that's it
>>and we are just jumping the gun, here??
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