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> >Is "Bendi" the actual company name? Sounds like a bootleg business, as
> >
> >-G
>Yeah, it's a Chinese bootleg company that rips Bandai model kits. They
>got huge enough to a point where Bandai legitimized them by taking over
>their facilities (it's not like they could have sued them for money in
>China, anyway) to make Bandai kits for a lower cost (though quality
>suffers, too).

Geez, that's really a shame. It's good and all if you have kids and don't
have a whole lot of money, or they have a history of going through a lot of
toys, but that crappy workmanship is giving a bad name to all the great
*legit* toys out there. Like those 1/220 0083 toys Bandai just started
releasing here in the states, those are really nifty (and tough as hell to
break, too).

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