Graham Belmont (
Thu, 07 Dec 2000 22:35:28 -0600

> >I picked this fellow up at a hobby show. It's...interesting. Poor
> >proportions, poor plastic and the parts either break or fall of really
> >easily. Good thing I only paid $10.00 for it. The upper legs are fixed to
> >ugly-looking waist block, but there is a suprising amount of detail.
> >Overall, not as bad as some other bootlegs, but still pretty crappish.
> >Anybody else have this? Is it based on a real toy or a scaled up model?
>I dunno if yours is the same as the one I have, but mine can't even fully
>transform, which begs the question of why did they even give it the
>ability to do a truly half-assed "transformation". The plastic used was
>of very low quality - way brittle and really prone to breakage. It's
>safe to say that I treated this toy with more care than I've shown any
>other toy (except for maybe the Titanium Turn-A) out of fear of breaking
>it. It's been sitting in the box since I took it out the first time.
>At least it's a Bendi original, since there was no similar licensed toys
>released in Japan.

Is "Bendi" the actual company name? Sounds like a bootleg business, as well.

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