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> As a followup to our earlier discussion on the GM and Gundam Groundtypes,
> I've got some questions and comments on the official landspeed spec's for
> the RX-78-2 Gundam and the RGM-79 GM.
> As I recall, it was 165km/h for the Gundam and 102km/h for the GM (give or
> take a few), owing largely to the superior generator in the Gundam. We also
> know the Gundam weighs 60.0 tons, vs the GM's 58.8 tons. I thought this was
> kind of excessive in terms of speed, but at the very least the
> Battletech/Mechwarrior Universe sort of agrees with it, so I guess we can
> call that independent confirmation.

As I recall, the current Olympic records are something like 100 meters (328
feet) in 9.8 seconds or 10.2 mps (33.5 fps) = 36.72 kph (22.8 mph) and a mile
(1600 meters) in 3 minutes 30-odd seconds or 17 mph (27 kph). The Marathon
record is on the order of 26 miles (42 km) in 2 hours or 13 mph (21 kph).

Scale that up by a factor of ten, as you wuld going from human to mobile suit,
and you get 367 kph (228 mph), 270 kph (170 mph) and 210 kph (130 mph),
respectively. Granted, mobile suits may not have Olympic athlete performance
and are carrying the equivalent of a full military pack, but if we go by the old
"four minute mile" record that was broken back in the 1930s, we still get a
human running speed of 15 mph (24 kph), which scales up to 150 mph (240 kph).
Handicap that and make it a five-minute mile, and we still get 12 mph (19 kph),
which scales up to 120 mph (190 kph) -- 15% better than the Gundam and 86%
better than the GM.

Cast in that light, the ground speed specs seem pretty fair, especially since MS
don't sprint.

Weight's a different factor -- 1000:1 or one metric ton per kilogram (2.2
pounds). A 60-ton Gundam is equivalent to a 60 kg (132 pound) human, a 58-ton
GM to a 58 kg (127 pound) human. This is height-weight proportional for a 1.8
meter (5'10") human in street clothes.


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