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Looks like some of Katoki's Gundam FIX artwork in there ... this is almost
certainly not a licensed product. I'm sure Bandai and Katoki-san would love
to know that their stuff is being abused... Heh. Ominous Zak Gundam. I can't
get over that ... as good as Gundam Wing has been for Gundam as a whole,
it's made for some really twisted perceptions of the Gundam universe.....

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> In their gundam apparel line, i can't see very well but is just me or does > the red zaku shirt have no picture of a zaku on it.. It seems to have instead > gp01, zeta, and sazabi?! > those have nothing in common other then the fact that their from the u.c. > story line... > Nothing else at > > - > Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at >

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