Thu, 7 Dec 2000 21:45:23 EST

Yep, I also find it suspicious that the same message is not on the AEUG Mk II

> Oops, forgot to type my reply. Yep, that's basically what it means. I
> it unacceptible and lazy of HLJ to do this. It's very fishy that that long
> message wasn't on that items page, a few days ago and that that message
> appeared AFTER my order was placed for one AEUG and one Titans MK. II. So,
> they can list them as AEUG and Titans, but cannot gurantee which you'll
> huh!? Jeez, what lousy service. They have eyes don't they, it's no extra
> trouble to tell which is white or blue! Ugh!!

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