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> > > in which case...i wouldn't think hikaru would
> > > necessarilly win. kamjin in glaug had several
> > > near-kills on hikaru in valkyrie.
> >
> > I totally agree, Hikaru was lucky not to have been killed by Kamjin. I
> > don't think Hikaru has ever been an ace type pilot. If anything, he was
> > probably only pretty average when it comes to combat. Max or Milia on
> > the otherhand, would probably clean Kamjin's clock even in inferior suits.
> >
> > One more thing, Hikaru got to be Skull leader by virtue of seniority and
> > "leadership" skills, which doesn't have much to do with piloting skills.
> >
> > Just my 2 cents worth.
> >
> > Michael
> >
> i dunno, he seemed to do fairly well most of the time.. and an Ace only
> needs 4 or 5 kills to be considered one, and i think he averaged more
> than that every mission usually

That included getting an arm and a head shot off by Kamjin near Mars (IIRC),
having been shot down and almost died of the injuries, getting his ass kicked
by that Zentraedi general guy (only know his Chinese name)... etc. Okay, I
didn't know the standards for being an ace is so low => 4 - 5 kills. I was
thinking of Wing Commander type ace where the number of kills rank around 200
and each outing consists of at least 10 kills.

You also have to note that MS type fighting is much more than only shotting at
each other and included close combat with beam weapons/heat hawks, etc. Hikaru
has shown himself to be poor at hand to hand combat (while Max and probably most
Zentraedi soldiers excell in), from this we can conclude that Kamjin is much
superior to Hikaru in terms of close quarter combat in MS.

I am simply not convinced that Hikaru can beat Kamjin in a fair fight even if
he is in an Alex while Kamjin is in a Kampher.

> -Les


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