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Michael Wong x4241 wrote:
> Dear List:
> > *pies brett*
> >
> > hikaru wiping kamjin's butt? i'm lousy with japanese
> > names, but this is khyron right?
> >
> > in which case...i wouldn't think hikaru would
> > necessarilly win. kamjin in glaug had several
> > near-kills on hikaru in valkyrie.
> I totally agree, Hikaru was lucky not to have been killed by Kamjin. I
> don't think Hikaru has ever been an ace type pilot. If anything, he was
> probably only pretty average when it comes to combat. Max or Milia on
> the otherhand, would probably clean Kamjin's clock even in inferior suits.
> One more thing, Hikaru got to be Skull leader by virtue of seniority and
> "leadership" skills, which doesn't have much to do with piloting skills.
> Just my 2 cents worth.
> Michael
i dunno, he seemed to do fairly well most of the time.. and an Ace only
needs 4 or 5 kills to be considered one, and i think he averaged more
than that every mission usually

"He's a God, it'll take more than one shot."
     -Lady Eboshi, 'Princess Mononoke'

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