Thu, 7 Dec 2000 20:28:48 EST

  I, too, love the GW MSiA's. People forget these are *mass produced toys*,
*NOT* chogokin style collecter toys and it's silly to expect MSiA's to be
collector quality, at there low price point. Bandai is cranking out MSiA's at
full steam, so they *DO* have to have a huge demand for them, in order to be
-produceing new MSiA's at this hyper speed pace. Every month several MSiA
releases are announced, they are even making "in Action" Super robots, Aura
Battlers, Walker Machines, etc. Heck, where's the Brain Powerd and Garaski
T.A.(Tactical Armor) "in Action" figures? :)

  While they aren't the best toys in the world, the U.S. versions of the GW
MSiA's are better then the "action figures" that companies like Hasbro make.
Hasbro has no small scale figures with the level of articulation that these
have. Transformers don't count, as while they action figures, they are
transforming toys and while the MSiA's are robots and the Wing, show wise
transforms, the Wing figures are standard action figures and blow stuff like
the Batman and SW 4"- 5' figures away.

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