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Yes indeed.
Anybody remember which unit was repainted in AEUG colors? I'm thinking it was #2 but its been a while...
Still I'm sure there are some fans out there who will buy all 3 <grin>
In other related news, ToyboxDX put up pictures of the MSiA Hyaku Shiki (the gold plating is PERFECT ... it's matte, not shiney like the HGUC), Char's Gelgoog (ehh ... bleh. I'm waiting for the standard green version), and the Guntank (looks okay, I guess, but not overly impressive).

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Actually there *are* 3 Titans colors MK. II's in the beginning of the Zeta anime. So while it is buying the same toy, it is show accurate :) I will get one in each color scheme.

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