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> From what I recall in 0083, running mobile suits just kind of lope
> along. For what it's worth, the detailed timelines and distance figures
> provided for 0083's battles in Australia and East Africa indicate a
> sustained jogging speed of roughly 50 km/hour - i.e. when Burning and Kou
> are pursuing Gato across the Australian outback. This seems to be the
> maximum practical speed for mobile suits jogging long distances,
> regardless of the sprinting/jumping speed. Given that Doms and Xamels can
> cruise at over 200 km/hour thanks to their hover systems, you can see why
> they have such a huge advantage.
Hmm about what we figured. So we've never even seen an MS (at least one
without a hover system) coming anywhere near its top speed....
I wonder what conditions would be neccessary for the Gundam to actually
reach 160km/h and how long it could be sustained for....

> In Turn A, on the other hand, you get all kinds of crazy and cool
> running motions. One of the really neat things about Turn A is that the
> animators came up with completely novel ideas for how the 'bots should
> move, walk, and run. Depending on their size, you get a wide range of
> running motions - the Turn A lopes along in a fairly humanoid fashion,
> the giant WaDom takes long, slow strides with its tiny arms sticking out
> behind it for balance, the little Kapool hops along with its arms
> flailing wildly, and the tiny WaD moves its little legs so fast they
> become a blur of motion. It's like Jurassic Park for mecha fans. :-)
Indeed. I've only seen about a dozen eps of Turn A, but I'm really pleased
with how they managed to capture motion... everything seems to move exactly
as you'd expect it to. Haven't got to see any great examples yet, but I like
what I see ... can't wait to see the Borjarnon's =P

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