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As a followup to our earlier discussion on the GM and Gundam Groundtypes,
I've got some questions and comments on the official landspeed spec's for
the RX-78-2 Gundam and the RGM-79 GM.
As I recall, it was 165km/h for the Gundam and 102km/h for the GM (give or
take a few), owing largely to the superior generator in the Gundam. We also
know the Gundam weighs 60.0 tons, vs the GM's 58.8 tons. I thought this was
kind of excessive in terms of speed, but at the very least the
Battletech/Mechwarrior Universe sort of agrees with it, so I guess we can
call that independent confirmation.
So have we ever SEEN a MS running at it's full ground speed? Either a GM, or
a Gundam or some Zeon MS? I can't think of any occurences offhand, but I
haven't seen First Gundam yet so one of you blessed folk who've seen it will
have to comment. If we have (or if we haven't and you want to theorize),
what did it look like while running? Did it look like a human sprinter,
pumping arms, long strides, slightly bent forward, etc? Or did it in fact
just plod along long, as seen in, say, 08th MS Team, except significantly
On the related note, why have we never seen a chicken-walker MS (at least I
don't think we have), other than the reason that Bandai says so ... we're
speculating here ;P For a groundtype MS it seems to make a lot of sense,
since as far as I know, the chicken walker design is primarily to increase
ground speed because of the lowered centre of gravity.
Any thoughts?

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