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Fri, 08 Dec 2000 11:04:51 +1100

>Yurika in the sailor moon looking gundam (someone once posted a pic of
that a
>long time ago...) vs Chris Mackenzie in the Gekiganger III. (i dont actually
>know if she's a pilot, ive only seen first 2 eps of 0080...)

Toughie... probably Chris, though.

>Nanako in the X-valis (not Aestiva-X! ^_^) vs Relena in...the pink limo....
>Hikaru, Ryoko, and Izumi in the Gekiganger V vs any team of any number from
>any AC line.
>Akara in the Super Akara Special vs Gato in the GP-02a, WITH the nuke.

Akara. Going by Super-robot cliches, invading aliens are immune to nukes.

>Jun, in trigger happy mode (see episode with flashbacks, aka twilight zone
>episode) in the Heavyarms custom with Zero system vs Ruri in the Nadesico
>(movie version)

Nadesico B or Nadesico C? Oh well, doesn't matter, Ruri wins (Distortion
field, plus the fact that she can probably hack Heavyarms' computer and
take it over if she has to.

Andrew Dynon

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