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Thu, 07 Dec 2000 17:53:46 -0600

Brett Jensen wrote:
> Leslie_R wrote:
> > actualy the laser you refer to is IIRC an attatchment to the standard
> > gunpod that can blast through mecha larger than tself even with one
> > shot, problem is it only has one shot and storing the laser attatchment
> > means they can only carry one clip for the gunpod, i'd say they'd have
> > to time thier 'jet-stream attack' pretty prescicely to make those 3
> > shots count enough to bring down the planet defensor shield
> That is a problem, if the weapon were a "Laser" it'd go right thru. Does the VF 17
> have head lasers like the VF-1's or are those things on the side of the head
> ornamental?
> ---Brett Jensen
it does have head lasers, but they are the least powerfull weapons in
it's armamment, also has beam weapons in it's arms and chest/nose..
still i'm not sure if those ore the super one-shot big whonking gun are
lasers, all i knowis from an RPG conversion and sometimes beam is
mistranslated as a laser of some kind when going from japanese ot


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