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<< > Shinji (Evangalion) in Gundam Double Zeta Vs. Kou in GP01fb
 The only character more annoying than Kou! Plus he's an incompetent pilot,
 and a wussy boy to boot. Put Shinji in the GP03 Orchis and Kou in a OYW era
 GM and I'd still give Kou the victory. Shinji would just sit in his cockpit
 babbling about his mother and how he hates his dad while Kou, in an effort
 to impress Nina, takes 'em down ....... of course his GM (or GP01fb) is
 entirely destroyed in the process. >>

unless Shinji whips out that cool Longinus Lance, then its over for Kou.
either way, Kou's suit gets completely wrecked.


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