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<< Guy (Nadesico) in GP03 MA/MS combo Vs. the Delaz fleet

hey, Gai super napalm OWNS delaz =) unless you include Gato.
<<Akito (Nadesico) in ground combat frame Aestivalis Vs. Kou Uraki in GP01
 ground combat Gundam.. in space

Akito. he's got those cool lines on his face. and he can cook ramen. well.

hmmm...nadesico huh...

Yurika in the sailor moon looking gundam (someone once posted a pic of that a
long time ago...) vs Chris Mackenzie in the Gekiganger III. (i dont actually
know if she's a pilot, ive only seen first 2 eps of 0080...)

Nanako in the X-valis (not Aestiva-X! ^_^) vs Relena in...the pink limo....

Hikaru, Ryoko, and Izumi in the Gekiganger V vs any team of any number from
any AC line.

Akara in the Super Akara Special vs Gato in the GP-02a, WITH the nuke.

Jun, in trigger happy mode (see episode with flashbacks, aka twilight zone
episode) in the Heavyarms custom with Zero system vs Ruri in the Nadesico
(movie version)

Shiratori in the Nu gundam vs Gai in the double Zeta.


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