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>1. Lina Inverse (Slayers) in God Gundam vs Dark Schneider (Bastard) in
>Master Gundam

<< Well, since spells aren't martial arts techniques, I'd bet on Dark
 Schneider, since he can actually fight hand-to-hand very well. If you're
 putting spells into the mix, still DS, since he's actually a god. ^_^ (Yes,
 I've read the Japanese manga up to book 20 - he really IS a god.) >>

but...but...dragon slaaave!...heh..

<<>2. Himura Kenshin in Nu Gundam vs Shishio in Sazabi, under G Gundam

Equal match. Both can't use Funnels, so it comes down to sword techniques.
Because he's fighting in a mecha, Shishio won't overheat and die like he did
in the anime, so I can't say for sure who would win.>>

i'd like to see Kenshin pull off a battoujutsu in the Nu...i'd say kenshin
would win, but im biased.

in keeping with the RK trend,

Seta Sojirou in a GM sniper II vs Yukishiro Enishi in the NT-1 Alex

Saitou Hajime in a rick dom vs Shinomori Aoshi in a Gogg. (i just saw the
first 2 eps of 0080 and ive come to the conclusion that Goggs are scary, they
look like a Zaku-Dom hybrid...menacing mono-eye and all)

Hiruma Gohei in a Zaku II vs Raijuuta in a GM cannon II (that'd be a cool
baddie fight...though Gohei would probably get his fingers broken again or

Sagara Sanosuke in the Shining Gundam vs Yukyuzan Anji (of the juppongatana,
or 10 swords) in the God gundam (coolest hand to hand fight, it'd be finger
attacks coupled with mastery of Futae No Kiwami...shattering buildings left
and right ^_^)

Himura Kenshin in the GP-03 vs Ogami Itto (from Lone Wolf and cub, excellent
manga series) in the Neue Zeil. the suits have happened before, but i would
really like to see them fight ^_^

come to think of it, some of these fights arent THAT useless...

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