Paul Fields (
Thu, 7 Dec 2000 16:22:37 -0500

>> Ok how does this work, I can't find Gasaraki volume 2 DVD for DAYS
>> after it was released

>The best place that has it is Right Stuf Int. they should have as they have
>been advertising in it in a poster thing that has a short description about
>each volume next to each video hope I helped!


Oh I've already ordered the Gasaraki and Nadesico 2nd DVDs as well as
all of the Cowboy Bebop DVDs from, I'm just suprised by the
channels things sometimes take to get here. Some of my suppliers go to
Tokyo for their stuff, others just order from Diamond, and still more fly
to New York for their stuff. So I was suprised to HAVE the Animerica
Special Gundam edition before California people did.


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