Paul Fields (
Thu, 7 Dec 2000 15:54:17 -0500

> No kidding! Okay, I'll amend my report to note that it's already
> available. :-)

Like I said they only had 2 copies and it was 6 'o clock on a Wednesday.
If the patterns hold that they get shipments on Tuesdays it went pretty
I still need to gripe them out for selling PG Parts kits with no PG Gundams.

> If I had it at work I'd still probably be too busy
> >with my new GM & Ball MSIA that showed up today... ;)
> Gotcha. Well, let me know what you think when you're done playing with
> your, uh, GM. :-)

Yeah thanks... I think... I also got an MG MS-05B Zaku I oroginal colors
to build... and RX-78-2 Head Lineart to put up to the web for the T-shirt...

> Glad to hear it! Note that the page layouts were designed by Mark
> Schumann, another R.Talsorian veteran and old-timey Gundam fan (though
> he's more of a Votoms advocate these days).

I thought the credits said Julie did some design work, something about
not knowing the most about Gundam, but doing the designs for it anyhow.

> And those desperate for more pix of yours truly can check out

Desperate is hardly the word I'd choose, but I did plan on making it to
Expo 2001, and it'd be nice to know who some of the West coast folks
are... Since Akon, and soon to be Anime Expo are the only cons I'd go
to for something besides the dealer's room...


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