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Paul Fields writes,

>Ok how does this work, I can't find Gasaraki volume 2 DVD for DAYS
>after it was released, but I bought my copy of the Gundam Special last

  No kidding! Okay, I'll amend my report to note that it's already
available. :-)

  Well, let me apologize in advance for the printing error on page 9, in
the factions key - all the logo images dropped out. Julie said there was
some talk of adding an insert card with a correct factions key, but it
sounds like it may be too late...

>I leafed through it last night, but didn't give it a good read, didin't
>it to work, or I'd review it now, but I might be able to say a few words
>after 7pm eastern time... If I had it at work I'd still probably be too busy
>with my new GM & Ball MSIA that showed up today... ;)

  Gotcha. Well, let me know what you think when you're done playing with
your, uh, GM. :-)

>For all the people in the credits of the mag with some Gundam knowledge
>I noticed our own Mr. Simmons got a hefty page count (as it should be)
>and the first pic I've seen of Mark since Animerica #1... I haven't read
>your and Ben's stuff, but you can tell Julie its a really good-looking book
>that much I saw...

  Glad to hear it! Note that the page layouts were designed by Mark
Schumann, another R.Talsorian veteran and old-timey Gundam fan (though
he's more of a Votoms advocate these days). And those desperate for more
pix of yours truly can check out <
news.html>. :-)

-- Mark

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