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Echo|Fox wrote:

> If it was any other Valkyrie I'd say no context and Max and Miriya win,
> _but_ the VF-17 does have a "laser rifle" or somesuch, so one could make the
> argument that it's comparable to a beam rifle. Still, even with superior
> maneuverability I'd have to give it to M&M ... the planet defensors should
> keep them relatively protected and that big beam rifle would take out a
> VF-17 in a single hit.

Don't forget the VF-17's stealth capabilities and if the rifle is a laser in the
traditional sense, it'll go right thru The Planet defensors, just like the
lasers used by Treize's forces at the end of wing. The VFs could dodge the slow
charging Buster cannon as well.

If it were purely mecha I'd give an advantage to the VF-17s, but I don't think
the Black Trinary are quite as clever as Max and Millia. I think Max would do
something sneaky and win. However since Millia isn't quite as good as Max (He
beat her twice) and the Trinary both have a numerical advantage and work
extremely well as a team, I'll call it a draw.

> > everyone's apparent favorite Anavel Gato in Nieu Ziel versus half a
> > dozen pissed-off PMSing Meltrandi in fully-loaded Queadlunn-Rau Power
> > Armors
> >
> Hmmm. The Queadlunn-Rau's have missile's, right? And I-Field's don't stop
> those, IIRC, so I'd have to hand the victory to the Meltrandi. They all fire
> off their missiles in traditional Macross missile swarm form (Still one of
> the coolest things Macross ever did for anime) and its bye bye Gato.

No contest. The Meltran kick ass. The Q-rau is probably my favorite bad-guy
mecha of all time. There's simply nothing more maneuverable. I love playing
Quake II against a level full of Queadluun-Rau erasor bots. (Using my Millia
sound pack of course. ^_^)

Delaz's boot licker is history.

> > Shinji (Evangalion) in Gundam Double Zeta Vs. Kou in GP01fb
> Wow!
> The only character more annoying than Kou! Plus he's an incompetent pilot,
> and a wussy boy to boot. Put Shinji in the GP03 Orchis and Kou in a OYW era
> GM and I'd still give Kou the victory. Shinji would just sit in his cockpit
> babbling about his mother and how he hates his dad while Kou, in an effort
> to impress Nina, takes 'em down ....... of course his GM (or GP01fb) is
> entirely destroyed in the process.

Heh, heh couldn't agree more. Glad to see Kou hatred has it's limits.

---Brett Jensen

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