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Thu, 7 Dec 2000 15:13:48 -0500

> Julie just got advance copies back from the printers a couple of days
> ago. There may be some slight delay to add an insert card of some kind,
> but I'd expect to see it within the next week or two.

Ok how does this work, I can't find Gasaraki volume 2 DVD for DAYS
after it was released, but I bought my copy of the Gundam Special last

> * Double-sided poster insert featuring the two alternate cover images
> (both are Wing-related).

I bought this at the Another Universe in the mall near me in Virgina, they
only had two copies, the Five Boys cover, and the Wing Zero cover, as
I'm not a five boys fan, but the mech designs are growing on me, I bought
the Wing flying in space cover...

I leafed through it last night, but didn't give it a good read, didin't
it to work, or I'd review it now, but I might be able to say a few words
after 7pm eastern time... If I had it at work I'd still probably be too busy
with my new GM & Ball MSIA that showed up today... ;)

> Modesty prevents me from venturing an overall assessment, but Julie,
> Benjamin, and I worked mighty hard on it. I'd be curious to hear your
> reactions when it eventually hits the shelves. :-)
> -- Mark

For all the people in the credits of the mag with some Gundam knowledge
I noticed our own Mr. Simmons got a hefty page count (as it should be)
and the first pic I've seen of Mark since Animerica #1... I haven't read
your and Ben's stuff, but you can tell Julie its a really good-looking book
that much I saw...


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