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Eddie writes,

>The 2001 Gundam calendar is called "White Menance" and features mostly
>cel-quality artwork. The cover is a poor grunt in the cockpit of a
>Zeon suit white the RX-78-2 in his face.

  And as you note, the theme for this one is "the enemy's point of view."
I'm not sure how the Turn A cow-chasing picture fits in, though. :-) Each
one has an episode number citation, so you can figure out who the enemy
pilot is...

>Jan/Feb Zeta Gundam seen through the cockpit of a Titans or Axis suit

  It's billed as being from episode 49, so given how glowy the Zeta is,
it's probably Yazzan Gable in his Hambrabi.

>Jul/Aug The God Gundam seen through the "cockpit" of the Master Gundam

  From the dramatic final duel between Domon and Master Asia...

>Sep/Oct The 5 Gundams from Wing seen through multiple monitors on a console
> that probably belonged to OZ or White Fang (they aren't all white
> though...)

  This one's cute. It's from the episode where Dorothy uses the Zero
System to coordinate an entire army of mobile dolls; the "cockpit"
pictured is the mobile doll control center.

>They should have done a month per page and add 6 more pages...

  Yeah, but they never do that... last year's calendar only had six pages
(plus cover), and likewise this year's cool Gundam Wing calendar.

-- Mark

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