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Eddie writes,

>Looks like Bandai's canned their planned release of the Endless Waltz
>action figures. No bid loss... the Wing figures sucked big time

  I wouldn't bet on it - just because Amazon won't be carrying it doesn't
mean that it won't be produced. (Far as I know, Amazon's teamed up with
Toys R Us for all the toy stuff, and TRS doesn't seem to be carrying the
existing figures in any quantity anyway.) Certainly Bandai America says
they're coming out, and they've presumably been done for some time given
how long the promo photos have been available...

  At any rate, I certainly hope they're still on for release. While the
initial batch were a bit crude, I thought the most recent wave - the Wing
Zero, Altron, Deathscythe Hell, and especially the two versions of the
Leo - were great. (Especially all the moving flaps on the Wing Zero, the
ridiculous articulation throughout the Altron, and the just plain awesome
Leos.) Despite the lack of panel lines and extra hands, I prefer these
latest ones to the recent MS In Action releases...

-- Mark

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