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Peter Carranza asks,

>The Animerica Special: The world of MS Gundam was supposed to come out in
>Nov., but has not yet. Any word on when? I've been checking around almost
>daily but no luck. Also, will it have any info not on your all inclusive

  Julie just got advance copies back from the printers a couple of days
ago. There may be some slight delay to add an insert card of some kind,
but I'd expect to see it within the next week or two.

  As for the contents: Well, we didn't re-use anything from the Gundam
Project, and there's a lot of new material. Here's the breakdown:

* Four essay pieces by Benjamin Wright discussing the evolution of the
Gundam saga (10 pages total)

* Series profiles for each show, with a brief intro, staff info, and
profiles of a couple of major characters and mobile suits - these written
by yours truly (roughly 30 pages total).

* Three single-page columns on "Gundam Science" - space colonies,
newtypes, and mobile suits - by me. These include brief discussions of
how the concepts are played out in the alternate universe series.

* Two roundups of noteworthy Gundam comics, three features on models and
toys, one on video games, one on misc. merchandise, totaling about 12
pages... these may be of some interest to knowledgeable fans.

* Double-sided poster insert featuring the two alternate cover images
(both are Wing-related).

  That's about it. Total 64 pages (about 58 non-ad pages), $4.95, due out
real soon now. :-)

  Modesty prevents me from venturing an overall assessment, but Julie,
Benjamin, and I worked mighty hard on it. I'd be curious to hear your
reactions when it eventually hits the shelves. :-)

-- Mark

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