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> Just found this wierd little site. A bit odd how they included Degin and
> Giren Zabi as World Leader candidates.

Even more interesting is that they have the Zabis representing the Zeon
Contolist Party. In UC 0052, Zeon Zum Daikun moved to Side 3 (L2) and began to
propagate his philosophy of Contolism, a synthesis of Ere-ism (the philosophy
that the Earth is sacred and that humanity should leave it in peace) and
Side-ism (the belief the Sides should be treated as sovereign nations). When he
died in October 0068, ten years after Side 3 had broken away as the Colony
Republic, Degin succeeded him as Chairman. The Zeon Principality wasn't
established until 15 August 0069 so, at the time of his ascension to Chairman,
Degin would indeed have represented Daikun's party.

Whoever wrote this certainly did their homework.


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