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Echo|Fox wrote:
> >
> > Max and Milia Jenius (Macross) in Vayate and Mercurius (hey'they're the
> > right color schemes :D ) versus the Black Trinary in VF-17s
> >
> If it was any other Valkyrie I'd say no context and Max and Miriya win,
> _but_ the VF-17 does have a "laser rifle" or somesuch, so one could make the
> argument that it's comparable to a beam rifle. Still, even with superior
> maneuverability I'd have to give it to M&M ... the planet defensors should
> keep them relatively protected and that big beam rifle would take out a
> VF-17 in a single hit.
actualy the laser you refer to is IIRC an attatchment to the standard
gunpod that can blast through mecha larger than tself even with one
shot, problem is it only has one shot and storing the laser attatchment
means they can only carry one clip for the gunpod, i'd say they'd have
to time thier 'jet-stream attack' pretty prescicely to make those 3
shots count enough to bring down the planet defensor shield (space the
blast s out to much and they 'll just be deflected, but fire
simultaniously and a smart girl like Milia will just move to dodge the
barrage instead of testing her defensors agaisnt it) once that's done
the Trinary has a chance, but it's a damn slim one

> > everyone's apparent favorite Anavel Gato in Nieu Ziel versus half a
> > dozen pissed-off PMSing Meltrandi in fully-loaded Queadlunn-Rau Power
> > Armors
> >
> Hmmm. The Queadlunn-Rau's have missile's, right? And I-Field's don't stop
> those, IIRC, so I'd have to hand the victory to the Meltrandi. They all fire
> off their missiles in traditional Macross missile swarm form (Still one of
> the coolest things Macross ever did for anime) and its bye bye Gato.

yeah, also the Q-Rau is equipped with chest-mounted cannons (which are
labeld autocannons in many RPG supliments but look like they shoot
lightning in the anime) and tri-barreld lasers in the forearms, neither
of which are affected by I-field barriers and they are quick and nimble
little bi***s to boot, however Gato is obviously no slouch and the Neiu
Ziel is brimming wiht misiles and beam weapons, plus is plenty fast to
> >
> > Guy (Nadesico) in GP03 MA/MS combo Vs. the Delaz fleet
> >
> Mwuahahhaa!
> I'd pay money to see this ... lots of money. Gai would be like a kid in a
> candy store ... the image is just too good to resist. Gai wins in a blowout,
> with the final blow being dealt with a Gekigan-Punch from the manipulator
> arms on the Orchis. Good always triumphs :P
*in Gai voice* so beutiful, this momment is so beutiful.. a true test of
a Hero! one great glorious battle between men for their worthy ideals.

> > Akito (Nadesico) in ground combat frame Aestivalis Vs. Kou Uraki in GP01
> > ground combat Gundam.. in space
> >
> Another truly hilarious image. Kou is better off technically since the GP01
> at least has some verniers so its not completely hung out to dry ... AFAIK,
> though, the Aestivalis groundtype only has the equivilent of jumpjets.
> Still, Akito is certainly the less annoying character so he gets bonus
> points ... hmm. Final verdict: They both cripple their mecha in combat
> without delivering a decisive blow and need to be rescued.

well i never considered either very annoying, both have thier own share
of problems while Akito's are comical wheras Kou's are sad if not
tragic.. just thought this would be an amusing fight to see ^_^

> > Shinji (Evangalion) in Gundam Double Zeta Vs. Kou in GP01fb
> Wow!
> The only character more annoying than Kou! Plus he's an incompetent pilot,
> and a wussy boy to boot. Put Shinji in the GP03 Orchis and Kou in a OYW era
> GM and I'd still give Kou the victory. Shinji would just sit in his cockpit
> babbling about his mother and how he hates his dad while Kou, in an effort
> to impress Nina, takes 'em down ....... of course his GM (or GP01fb) is
> entirely destroyed in the process.

heh heh, now for our next magic-trick, (assuming for the sake of
argument that the 'synch rate' for Evas is analogis to the newtype
potential) Shinji in Psycho Gundam Mk.II Vurses Quess in Mass-production

and while i'm in the mood for Macross/Gundam cross-overs how about the
G-boys, Heero in YF-19 with that gun that blew a Monster Destoid away in
one shot, Duo in a VF-17 stealth VF, Trowa in a VF-11 with Heavy Armor
attatchments, Quatre in VF-19 Kai and WuFei in VF-22 Vs. The Zentradi
(kinda like how it was them Vs. OZ at the start of Gundam Wing)


"He's a God, it'll take more than one shot."
     -Lady Eboshi, 'Princess Mononoke'

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