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>>6. Anakin Skywalker (age 9) in Nu Gundam vs Quess in Alpha Aziel
>Quess, because I hate Anakin and love her. ^_^ Logically speaking, Quess
>does have the advantage of greater weaponry and the fact that Jedi aren't NTs.

Anakin...Quess is nothing more than an arrogant, spoiled little brat. At least Anakin isn't he could just call on the Force and know where she is firing from and to and dodge it. He may not be aware he's doing it, but he would else do you think he could win that pod race, being human and all? Try putting that little, witch...Quess in that.

>>8. "But he AUTOMATICALLY WINS!" (aka fanboy wars): Amuro in Nu Gundam vs
>>Batman "with time to prepare"

Batman. He's the only pure human to ever beat Superman on his own terms...without the aid of kryptonite.

Roland, hater of Quess.

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