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Echo|Fox wrote:
> It's been so long since we've had a useless fight thread ... what's going
> on?
> I'm no good at coming up with them, though, so I'll only offer up something
> really off the wall....
> In G Gundam continuity, special attacks are transferrable to your MS, right?
> So:
> 1. Lina Inverse (Slayers) in God Gundam vs Dark Schneider (Bastard) in
> Master Gundam
> 2. Himura Kenshin in Nu Gundam vs Shishio in Sazabi, under G Gundam physics.
> Of course... these suck, so come on useless fighters ... give us some real
> ones :P

you asked for it

Max and Milia Jenius (Macross) in Vayate and Mercurius (hey'they're the
right color schemes :D ) versus the Black Trinary in VF-17s

everyone's apparent favorite Anavel Gato in Nieu Ziel versus half a
dozen pissed-off PMSing Meltrandi in fully-loaded Queadlunn-Rau Power

any 10 grunt mobile suits versus Geist (M.D. Geist) with a spork

Saber in full armor versus Amuro Rei in the TechnoSuit
(Technoman/Tekkaman Blade)

Guy (Nadesico) in GP03 MA/MS combo Vs. the Delaz fleet

Akito (Nadesico) in ground combat frame Aestivalis Vs. Kou Uraki in GP01
ground combat Gundam.. in space

Hikaru in NT-1 Alex Vs. Kamjin in Kamphfer (characters from Macross)

and because you asked for it

Shinji (Evangalion) in Gundam Double Zeta Vs. Kou in GP01fb


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