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>You want useless fights, you got useless fights!
>1. Allenby in Nobel Gundam vs Mylene in MAXL Valkyrie

My money's on Allenby...she may look kinda silly at times, but she's a good

>2. Amuro in Nu Gundam vs Superman

Amuro Rei. ^_^ Even Superman can't withstand multiple Fin Funnel blasts.

>3. Allenby in Nobel Gundam vs Wu Fei in Nataku (EW Version)

Wu Fei. He's the best close-combat fighter of all the Wing boys.

>4. Magic vs Newtype: Amuro in Nu Gundam vs Hikaru in Rayearth
> (a) UC Gundam rules/physics
> (b) Cephiro/MKR rules/physics

Depends. Amuro would probably win the first case and Hikaru the second.

>5. Heero in Wing Gundam Zero Custom and Duo in Gundam Deathscythe Hell
>Custom vs Fuu in Windam and Umi in Selece
> (a) GW rules/physics
> (b) MKR rules/physics

Same here, though Wing Zero's sheer destructive power would probably carry
the day in either case.

>6. Anakin Skywalker (age 9) in Nu Gundam vs Quess in Alpha Aziel

Quess, because I hate Anakin and love her. ^_^ Logically speaking, Quess
does have the advantage of greater weaponry and the fact that Jedi aren't NTs.

>7. Kou Uraki (0083) vs Luke Skywalker (A New Hope): Whining contest

Luke wins, since I don't think Kou whines much.

>8. "But he AUTOMATICALLY WINS!" (aka fanboy wars): Amuro in Nu Gundam vs
>Batman "with time to prepare"


>9. A grunt in a Zaku II vs a grunt in a GM vs a grunt in a Leo (assume all
>have equal abilities)

Zaku II wins. It's the technically most superior mech of all the three.

>10. Five GMs vs Five X-Wings (all grunt pilots)

GMs win. They are inherently better in most areas than X-Wings.

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