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Added some humour

>>... What If Amuro Rei died when Zeon raided Side 7 trying to destroy the
>>Gundam prototypes?

The future will be filled with Z Zaku, ZZ Zaku, Nu Zaku, Zaku F91, Victory Zaku, Psycho Zaku, God Zaku blah blah blah etc. (if the RX-78 was destroyed)

>>... What If the After Colony timeline was constrained by UC physics? How
>>much of the story would need to have been changed? Would it still be
>>recognizable as Wing?

It would still be recognized as wing with the following alterations.

1. Change Buster Rifle to Beam Rifle.
2. I'm not sure whether a beam can bend but DS's Scythe will be replaced with a heat scythe.
3. Heavyarms gets wasted due to the weight of its ammo and the possibility of its missile getting hit while in storage.
4. Piloting a Mercuris or a Virgo serie with a cockpit requires a Newtype.
5. Don't count on Shenlong's Armor to protect its fuel against any MS/MA enemies.
6. Most Gundams won't last very long with the exception of Sandrock and its' Maganac Force.

>>... What if Amuro failed to stop the asteroid fragment from hitting the
>>Earth in CCA, and Char's Ice Age did come about?

The first alternative universe gundam serie would begin to air.


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