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>It's been so long since we've had a useless fight thread ... what's going
>I'm no good at coming up with them, though, so I'll only offer up something
>really off the wall....
>In G Gundam continuity, special attacks are transferrable to your MS, right?

Ummm, not really. For example, Domon Kasshu can't use his Shining Finger in
real life - he needs his mech's power behind it. And they have to train all
their separate special attacks besides, just like in reality.

>1. Lina Inverse (Slayers) in God Gundam vs Dark Schneider (Bastard) in
>Master Gundam

Well, since spells aren't martial arts techniques, I'd bet on Dark
Schneider, since he can actually fight hand-to-hand very well. If you're
putting spells into the mix, still DS, since he's actually a god. ^_^ (Yes,
I've read the Japanese manga up to book 20 - he really IS a god.)

>2. Himura Kenshin in Nu Gundam vs Shishio in Sazabi, under G Gundam physics.

Equal match. Both can't use Funnels, so it comes down to sword techniques.
Because he's fighting in a mecha, Shishio won't overheat and die like he did
in the anime, so I can't say for sure who would win.

>Of course... these suck, so come on useless fighters ... give us some real
>ones :P

Why not try pitting all the aces against each other? Amuro vs Johnny Raiden,
Gato vs the White Dingo etc...

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