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The 2001 Gundam calendar is called "White Menance" and features mostly
cel-quality artwork. The cover is a poor grunt in the cockpit of a
Zeon suit white the RX-78-2 in his face. The 6 pages inside are, from
what I vaguely remember:

Jan/Feb Zeta Gundam seen through the cockpit of a Titans or Axis suit
Mar/Apr Nu Gundam seen through the cockpit of Char's Sazabi
May/Jun The V Gundam seen through the cockpit of a BESPA suit (on earth)
Jul/Aug The God Gundam seen through the "cockpit" of the Master Gundam
Sep/Oct The 5 Gundams from Wing seen through multiple monitors on a console
        that probably belonged to OZ or White Fang (they aren't all white
Nov/Dec Turn-A with a dog(?) in the foreground on earth.

They should have done a month per page and add 6 more pages...


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