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Wed, 6 Dec 2000 16:22:52 -0800

>... What if Zeon won the OYW? What events could have turned the tide? What
>would have happened if the Feddie military was wiped out by Zeon forces?

Those behind Titans will pull a stunt like Operation Stardust, only this
time directed at resurrecting the Feds. If Zeon completely wipes out the
Feds, maybe a LM-like organization seen in V Gundam would pop up.

>... What if Kou had succeeded in stopping Gato in time and the Solar System
>was able to blow up the colony?

The men of Delaz would still carry on.

>... What If Amuro Rei died when Zeon raided Side 7 trying to destroy the
>Gundam prototypes?

No more Gundam, Garma lives, Char pissed.

>... What If Christine in the NT-1 Alex managed to stop Bernie in the Kampfer
>without sustaining any serious damage, thus allowing the Alex to be sent to
>Amuro after all?

Er... Bernie was never in the Kampfer, and Christina did destroy the Kampfer
without sustaining much injury.

>... What If the After Colony timeline was constrained by UC physics? How
>much of the story would need to have been changed? Would it still be
>recognizable as Wing?

The show would probably end with the first episode, hehehe.

>... What if the Turn A Gundam, rather than being the unique Syd Mead design
>it is, was instead another tired, boring, derivative Ookawara MS that had
>that "we've seen this before" atmosphere to it? Would the show have been
>more or less popular?

More. Just look at the level of interest in G-Saviour, whose mecha design
is a hybrid between the F91 and the GP series from 0083 and doesn't appear
to offer anything new or radically different. Case closed.

>... What if Minovsky particles did not have the property of obstructing
>radar? Would MS development have started, and if it did, would it have
>evolved to the same end?

The only thing that made MS warfare not only feasibly but necessary was
due to Minovsky particle's ability to render radar useless. Take that
property away, MS probably wouldn't be as needed as much as they were in
the established UC universe.

>... What if Amuro failed to stop the asteroid fragment from hitting the
>Earth in CCA, and Char's Ice Age did come about?

Years later a movie/OVA/series comes about and moves the stage to a
colonized plant, and you get to do the same stuff all over again.


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