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Hobbitmastr writes,

>If the Gundam had been blown up, wouldn't GMs be moot? They have no
>to follow, unless the Feddies had a backup Gundam on Earth, or somewhere

  It appears they did have backups. The old MSV materials claimed that
there were a total of eight RX-78 prototypes produced at Jaburo, of which
only three were sent to Side 7 for extensive testing. (Unit four was
later converted into the Alex, and the Full Armor Type was planned as a
way to make use of units five through eight.) The five units that
remained at Jaburo hadn't yet been upgraded to the RX-78-2, enabling them
to use beam weapons.

  More recently, the 08th MS Team versions - the RX-79[G] and RGM-79[G] -
are said to have been designed before the complete test data had been
retrieved from Side 7. Taking the MSV explanation into account, this
would suggest that they were based on the RX-78-1 developed at Jaburo,
sans upgrade and test data.

  Thus, even if the White Base had been lost and all the test data along
with it, production of the RX-79[G] and RGM-79[G] would have proceeded
regardless, and eventually they would have gathered a sufficient amount
of combat data to begin full-scale mass-production. The GM's fighting
potential would probably be rather lower, and its production later, but
that's just a matter of degree.

-- Mark

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